About Us


ASRC Industrial Services (AIS), founded in September 2016, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC).  AIS was created as a platform to grow ASRC’s Industrial Services offerings and ultimately deliver meaningful returns to ASRC’s shareholders.

ASRC Industrial Services goes to market in three capabilities-based operating units who bring cost effective, safe and innovative services to the industrial sector:

  • Construction, Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Remediation & Response Services
  • Environmental Engineering & Professional Services

All ASRC Industrial Services companies have a unique set of non-financial tools including Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), evergreen small business status for federal subcontractor purposes, 8(a), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) that can help customers meet their diversity goals in both commercial and government settings.




  • Nationwide workforce, resources and equipment
  • Multi-craft crews
  • Located conveniently to customers  (regional offices)
  • Single-source service provider
  • Commitment to safety
  • Highly trained workforce
  • Emergency call-out 24/7
  • Understanding of customer needs,  processes & practices across



  • ASRC Financial strength
  • Competitive advantage in labor  rates in primary markets
  • Project execution efficiency
  • Multi-craft efficiencies (same  person)
  • MBE advantage for customer
  • Buying economies of scale with ASRC (Future)
  • Strong safety record and culture  (Future)
  • Bondability



  • Advanced IT systems and  processes
  • Enterprise system to manage  systems and processes
  • Right tools to get the job done
  • Replace manual paper processes  with electronic tools
  • Enterprise to enterprise  connectivity



  • Commitment to excellence
  • Commitment to safety
  • Multi-craft capabilities
  • Federally approved apprentice  program
  • Tenure/length of service with  company
  • Strong relationships with  customers
  • Some of highest craftsmanship  in industry
  • Multi-industry experience  (refineries, power plants, etc.)


Our Mission, through our broad and unique service offering, is to provide a wide array of specialized multi-craft services designed to reduce customers’ environmental, operational, financial, and safety risks. We will exceed our customers’ expectations for safe and technical delivery, communication, and administration.


Our Vision is to build services, reputation, and a safety record that exceeds customer expectations. We set the performance standard, be the employer of choice, and the go-to service provider in our industry, while delivering meaningful returns and benefits to ASRC shareholders.


P who are passionate

  • Our most important and highly valued asset.
  • Dedicated to having the most highly trained workforce to  improve their skills, opportunities for growth, and lifestyle.
  • Empowered to “do the right thing” for safety, our teams  and the customer.

E who are ethical

  • Our commitment to ethical behavior is paramount,  valued and rewarded.
  • No relationship, be it customer, employee, or outside  stakeholder transcends our ethical commitment and values.
  • Each employee is expected to uphold our  well-founded standards for right and wrong, including  obligations to shareholders, benefits to society, fairness,  and professional virtues.

O who are open and honest

  • Value transparent, respectful and open communication  of both positive and constructive feedback.
  • Dedicated, fair, positive, and honest partnering approach  with our customers to solve problems and reduce risk.
  • Extraordinary level of professional communication to all  stakeholders and at all levels of our and the customers’  organizations.

P who are committed to process excellence

  • Our processes exceed best-in-class service delivery  practices and are embraced and championed by our people.
  • Repeatable, performance oriented, processes for driving  consistent service delivery across our footprint.
  • Processes and systems deliver metrics and facts that  enable quality, timely, decision making for the benefit  of all stakeholders.

L who are leaders

  • Leadership is an esteemed value in our people.
  • Market leader in delivering safe, professional services;  including technical, administrative, managerial, and  technology.
  • Un-matched set of skills and services setting the  standard for one-stop shop delivery.

E who are experienced and loyal

  • Value demonstrated quality experience – whether technical,  administrative, or managerial.
  • Focused on bringing value to our customers – blending  technology and professionalism for an exceptional  customer experience.


Brent Renfrew – AIS President and CEO
Jeanne DiBella – SVP, Finance & Administration
Rachel Feiertag – SVP, General Counsel
Ted Mansfield – President, CMR Non-Union
Robert Pelham – SVP, Marketing and Business Development
Jay Robertson – Senior Advisor, Remediation & Response
Dan Thomas – President, CMR Union
Patrick Young – SVP, Corporate Development