01 / June / 2019

Concord, Calif. (June XX, 2019) – ASRC Industrial Services (“AIS”), a premier provider of industrial and environmental services throughout the Continental United States, has announced the winners of its first annual ASRC Youth Shareholder Summer Camp program, providing 6th-12th-grade students the opportunity to attend The National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Fla.

The National Flight Academy is a six-day “deployment” program combining the culture and excitement of aviation with 21st century technology and core competencies in an exclusive, entertaining and engaging environment to provide a learning adventure for students. The goal of the AIS scholarship is to give next generation leaders a new experience while fostering and enhancing their skills.

The eight scholarship winners, selected by AIS based on the submission of written essays addressing how STEM experience have positively influenced their lives, will receive an all-expenses paid trip, including tuition, to the NFA next month.  At the completion of the NFA program, the students will attend the Blue Angels Air Show.

The winners, from multiple villages across North Slope Alaska, Anchorage and the lower 48 states include:

Charles N. Brower Jr., 11th Grade; Katovik, Alaska

Elinor Rose Grant, 7th Grade; Utqiagvik, Alaska

Evelyn R. Pausanna, 8th Grade; Nuiqsut Alaska

Julien Caseus Qallu Robinson, 7th Grade; Bradenton, Fla.

Leo Anktalik Kinneeveauk, 11th Grade; Point Hope, Alaska

Roman Amos John Lane, 10th Grade; Point Hope, Alaska

Tatchya Marie-Aarigaa Petrova, 9th Grade; Anchorage, Alaska

Trustin Tuttle, 9th Grade; Anchorage, Alaska

About ASRC Industrial Services

Headquartered in Concord, California, ASRC Industrial Services (AIS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC).  AIS is organized into three – capabilities based operating groups: Construction, Maintenance and Repair; Remediation and Response Services; and Environmental Engineering and Professional Services. AIS has over 1,500 employees and operations throughout the Continental United States. AIS subsidiaries include Petrochem, Restoration Services, Inc., DACA Specialty Services and D2 Industrial Services. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASRC, AIS and its subsidiaries are considered minority business enterprises. To learn more about AIS, visit www.asrcindustrial.com.

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