01 | Introduction

Inspiring Growth

We are dedicated to growing and nurturing our people, cultivating their talents, embracing their ideas, and providing them with the training and development to reach their full potential. We are a family, building a thriving organization with great purpose, forging a new path in service, communication, safety and follow through. And our success relies on a strong, supportive culture, involved leaders and long-term commitments to our employees, customers and shareholders.

02 | Our Leadership

Our Leadership

We believe our strength comes from a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, ideas and opinions. Our leadership team represents a wide range of experience, industries and regions, and is continuously growing their capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our customers and benefit our people and shareholders.

And while each has a unique talent and character, the collective experience is greater than any one individual. Together, our passion, teamwork and commitment to quality drives us to celebrate, challenge and pursue paths that empower our people and organization to deliver higher levels of performance.

Our Leadership

Corporate Leadership

Brent Renfrew
President and Chief Executive Officer
Steve Ennis
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Tony Spagnola
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Chun Jang
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Andrew McClain
Senior Vice President, People
Ted Mansfield
Senior Vice President

Operating Group Leadership

Dan Thomas
President, MMS Union
Robert Pelham
President, CDR
Paul Clay
President, EIP
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