01 | Introduction

Where We Came From

ASRC Industrial Services was born from a place of deep respect for people, our land and the value of hard work. This heritage ignites a unique spirit and character in us all, and drives our vision of building an enduring, people-focused industrial services organization. Where we came from has given us a clear roadmap of the company we are building and who we are building it with. As part of ASRC, and through the strong support of our shareholders—the people of Alaska’s North Slope—we are proving every day how great companies and great people can build something transformative and enduring.

02 | Our Way Of life

Our History

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation was born of the needs of the Iñupiat people of the Arctic to control our land, our way of life, and our destiny. With an original base of 3,700 shareholders, today, ASRC represents over 13,000 Iñupiat and works toward enhancing Iñupiaq cultural and economic freedoms. As part of ASRC, we strongly believe that our blend of Iñupiaq and business values are uniquely combined to deliver high levels of performance and meaning, and our core values are the cornerstone of our success.

Our Mission
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Our Leadership
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